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Our boathouse is located in the  Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend at the intersection of the historic downtown district and Point Hudson.

  • Steps from the beach
  • Spectacular mountain and saltwater views
  • At the center of historical wooden boat capital Port Townsend
  • High ceilings and concrete floors
  • Access to expansive decks and outdoor commons
  • Wooden Boat shop and chandlery
  • Center of the Wooden Boat Festival
  • Velocity coffee house for after our morning rows.
  • Concept2 ergometers for indoor rowing or rowing on the waterfront deck.


Racing shells

The boat bays are home to both private and club-owned shells. Wooden and fiberglass singles, doubles, quads, sweep boats and the Octet .

For open rows on Port Townsend Bay, our launches are equipped with life vests and safety equipment. We run a rigorous maintenance program, repairing and replacing boats and equipment when necessary.





The club has ergs in both the boathouse and the rec center. The boathouse ergs are free & the slides are back so you can hook the ergs together.

The rec center requires an annual waiver to be signed plus $1/day to use the ergs & weights in the room. No need to sign up for the ergs in either place.

On the Concept2 website you can keep an on-line logbook if you want to–be sure to choose Rat Island as your affiliation & check “Yes” to be included on our list.