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Competition and Training – Train new rowers and facilitate intermediate and advanced coaching; provide opportunities for competition among RIRSC members, between RIRSC and other rowing clubs, and in Sound Rowers and USRA sponsored races.
-Jim B., John, Kate, Ted and/or Marsha

Participation and Turnout – Organize and oversee open rowing sessions; arrange for launch drivers and coxswains.
-Mari, John

Merchandise – Manage purchasing, storage, and sales of Club related merchandise.

Membership– Maintain membership records, including waiver and information forms; process membership applications; provide Google Groups chair with current membership information.

Website/Facebook -Manage website content; sets and ensures parameters for posting; acts as gatekeeper for website.

Google Groups – Oversee upkeep of Google group list; updates annually and as members join during the season.
-John C

Safety – Review and revise safety policy proposals; educate members about safety; organize rescue drills; establishes evacuation procedure protocols in conjunction with the Fire and Rescue Department and emergency dispatch. Keep launches fully equipped with required safety equipment and supplies.

Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising – Develop community awareness and appreciation of rowing; organize community events. Charged with keeping the RIRSC in the public eye; submitting stories and press releases; getting space in various publications; developing flyers and banners as needed. Also charged with developing fund raising activities, including grant writing, to raise funds for specific events or program.
– Francine Rose

Boat/Equipment Maintenance – Repair and upkeep of shells; regular maintenance; periodic inspections. Charged with assessing equipment needs and preferences; developing acquisition proposals for shells, oars, etc.
– Jim M., Steve

Launches – Maintenance and repair of the launches; keep them supplied with fuel.
-Steve, John

Beth, Johanna, Micaela