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Celebrate the Class of 2014

Celebrate the Class of 2014

On August 23rd 2014 the club is invited to celebrate the Rowing Class of 2014. All club members and partners are invited as we acknowledge the new members of our rowing family. You have already received an e-mail with party details and directions. Contact me at if you have any questions.

Congratulations go out to the new rowers that have recently completed the Learn-to-Row class. This hopefully is only the beginning of their rowing experience. If any of the new rowers have questions on rowing related topics don’t hesitate to contact one of the ambassadors .(click for contact info for John, Kathleen and myself). The ambassadors are charged with providing resources and support during rowers first year in the club.

Thanks to the club for making the new rowers feel welcome and helping them adjust to the new sport they have devoted themselves to.