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The Rat Island Regatta wants YOU!!!

The Rat Island Regatta wants YOU!!!

Contact Sally Giesler:

Well It’s Rat Island Regatta time again. I am a little behind this year but we can pull this together. This Regatta is getting bigger each year. When I first started helping, There were only 30 boats and maybe 75-100 for lunch. We have grown to 63 boats last year and almost 200 for lunch. Steve and I need help with a few areas. Steve has all he can do with the race and set up, I oversee the rest. Registration and timing are crucial, we have the potluck set up and serving, BBQ, transporting, clean up. etc… If a few could take over the kitchen and cooking areas that would be huge. I will help as much as I can. I have lots of past notes and some helpers for the day of.
Date: June 27th
Where: Ft. Worden Kitchen Shelter
Time: All Day 6:30am Set up
Race ant 9 and 10 am
Potluck- noonish
Awards- 1pm
Cleanup and boats back to boathouse 2pm

This a sponsored race by the Sound Rowers and The RIRSC helps put on the race and potluck.
For the race we will be needing some extra helpers, Some that our not rowing are really needed. Hopefully some of our new rowers might be interested in helping if they don’t want to row in the race. We want them to be included with the club whether they race or not.

Registration: 5 helpers to help with registration, collecting money, and handing out numbers.

Timing: 5 helpers, 2 timers, radio, horn blower, spotter

Launch drivers: Steve Jefferies will be taking care of this. If you are interested in driving a launch or being a spotter in a boat contact him.

BBQ: Need someone to take over the cooking of Hot dogs or skewers(great last year). Sue has all she can handle with the Salmon.
This will require someone to get supplies and grill to cook and have someone to get it started while the racers are out.

Salmon: Sue is once again cooking the Salmon. Thank you Sue. Last year went very smooth and we had lots of fish. If you would donate again this year you can drop off your fish to her at Sunrise coffee the week of the race or if you want to donate $$$ towards Salmon give her your cash that week too. She will be getting a Salmon donated and will take your donations and purchase more. She has good connections. This worked out well last year. She was able to prepare all the fish the night before.
Also this is a good time to clean out those freezers. We will cook anything. Last year she got some Cod, Tuna and Halibut. Everyone enjoyed all of it.

Kitchen: We need someone to coordinate this. I have all the notes and what needs to get done but If we could get one or two to pull it together That would be great.

Transporting of slings and Food: This is someone with a truck to transfer ice chest, slings etc.. from boathouse when all the boats leave and bring to Fort Worden and Back to boathouse after. Have one volunteer, If we get 3 more we could have them split up and two bring over and two take back.

Beer srevers: Need 2. Have one from last year and hopefully the other will come back and serve again .JimC? David is on my list to help
Merchandise: Are we going to have merchandise to sell? Kathleen, I think this is your dept. Let me know if we have any stock to sell.

Canopies 4-5 needed
tables: 5-7 needed
chairs 4, for Registration and dock
Water jugs
Let me know if you have any available to use.

Let me know if you want to help or if you have some of the supplies. As for helping the day of, All rowers will be there to help with setup and cleanup.
More to come.

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