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Stan Pocock’s Amazing Book, Way Enough

Stan Pocock’s Amazing Book, Way Enough


wayenoughThis is a book you can’t put down – and can barely pick up!

A whopping 4 pounds filled with black & white photos and colorful anecdotes, Stan Pocock‘s Way Enough certainly does weigh enough! It’s the kind of book you spread out on the diningroom table and pore over each page – imagining the author himself sitting across from you telling stories behind the story of Boys in the Boat – and beyond.

Stan, son of legendary George Pocock, was a U.S. Rowing Hall of Fame coach and legend in his own right, having coached 3 Olympic gold medal crews. The book is filled with really good  advice and visualizations every oarsman and woman will want to carry onto the water. His creative coaching techniques – like  the Ham ‘n’ Egger Handicap – were examples of the intuition, ingenuity and sense of humor that made the Pococks the first family of rowing.

If you’re the sort who’d jump at the chance to grow up around the likes of Al Ulbrickson, Rusty Callow, George Pocock and the golden age of Washington rowing …. this book’s for you.