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WBF 16

WBF 16

Another Wooden Boat Festival for the scrapbook. Congratulations to all the winners!

And a BIG thank you to Sally Steve and all who made this year’s event a winner!

See more photos by
Michele Olsen,
Patti Hoyecki,
Lynn Sorensen,
David Rahn,
Jim Buckley and
Francine Rose

PLUS these gorgeous pictures taken the night before WBF by Mitchell Osborne – Red Shells Gleaming in the Sunset!

Octuple- 20.14.13, Kathy Whitman
Ann S. Coxswain, Ted, Michele, JoAnne, Rhayne, Lance, Connie, Linda D. and Mari.



Sweep Eight- 21.10.22, Husky Challenger Tuf as Nails Penny-Cox,Dianne R., Jana F., Barb H, Sue O, Margo S, Nikki R, Sarah D, Zoanne D.


Quad- 20.22.25,  Frank C, Mixed boat  Steve J.-Cox, Jessica(guest rower), Karen, Libby P.


Photo Michele Olsen

Triple-19.58.41.  “The Triple” mixed  Larry- Cox, John, Peggy M


Photo Patti Hoyecki

Single- 19.17.78, Tyler Peterson


Double Wherry-  24.14.28, Beluga  Janet P. and Sally


Photo Michele Olsen

Single Wherry- 20.14.13 Colin Angus


Photo Patti Hoyecki


Winners: Fixed seat:

Double Wherry: 13.26.30. Leah Kefgen, TJELD

Single Wherry: 13.25.91, Martin Herbert, “Elijah Harper”

Dory- 21.13.93, Otters Tail

Longboats: 13.43.70, Bear


Photo Patti Hoyecki

SUP- 27.26.20, Luke Burritt


Four Oar Gig- 34.39.59, Island Star, Anacortas89p



The Pocock Award: Jim Buckley  for his commitment to education and for spearheading the learn to row this year.


Photo Michele Olsen


Riverside: Jeannie- Cox, Cate C., Paul C., Becky B


Erica S.-Jim and Clara Mason


Festina Lente– Frank and Linda Ward


Photo Patti Hoyecki


Best Wood Fired Pizza Party – Jim and Bonnie Buckley


Photo Bonnie Buckley

See more photos

Michele Olsen

Patti Hoyecki

Lynn Sorensen

David Rahn

Jim Buckley

Francine Rose