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photo by Janis Miglavs 

Making the transition from student driver to club rower can seem daunting.

Fear not!  Once you complete the class, our ambassadors are here to help you over the rough spots. Read how it all worked from someone who lived to tell the tale!

Your Ambassadors: The role of the Ambassadors is to help first year rowers transition into the club and take full advantage of all the opportunities the RIRSC club has to offer for enjoying and improving your rowing.

Ambassadors answer questions, provide introductions to club resources and help you navigate through the seasons of rowing and fitness during your first full year of membership. If you need help or have questions contact any one of these people:


Cara Warren

Karen Michaud –

Quick answers

I finished the class. Now what?

How do I transition from 1-oar rowing  to  2-oar sculling? 

What days should I sign up for?

How do I get fit?

How do I stay fit off season?

Where can I learn how to improve my technique?

Also, watch for updates in the Technique category.