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Lake Leland

Lake Leland

PRIOR to use of Lake Leland venue, members are required to read and sign the Lake Leland  Assumption of Risk and Release Form.  Your signature on this form acknowledges that you have read the policy  included therein and agree to comply with its guidelines. Guest rowers must be accompanied by an experienced member host and have read and signed the Lake Leland form listed above.

Members have the option to row on Lake Leland in Quilcene without a launch driver. We are guests of private property owners who are generous enough to let us use their waterfront to launch/stow several boats so please be respectful.


Club boats include

  • Alden Star (single)
  • Kaschper double)
  • Maas 24 single for experienced rowers with permission of John Collins (Owner)

We share the lake with fishermen, canoers, other club rowers and kayakers as well as people and dogs swimming in the lake. Not all of them will follow the rules of the road but you should. Yield in all cases and do not assume you have right of way.

  • Oncoming boats should pass Port-to-Port. (think of navigating the lake counterclockwise)
  • Passing The boat being overtaken has right of way. The onus is on the overtaking boat to avoid a collision
  • Regardless of who has right of way, you are responsible for your vessel.
  • Be aware that as rowers, we’re all facing backward. If you need to cross someone’s bow – make it known to the rower underway and give them time to way enough or alter course.

As guests of the residents who allow the club to store oars and boats, and launch from their shore, be respectful of privacy and careful of their property.

  • Read  Lake Leland Directions for where to park, etc. (password required)
  • Parking closer to the 101 road is less intrusive than parking next to their front door
  • Keep voices down around the house/garage area and save conversation for the parking area or the waterfront
  • There are restrooms at the state park down Leland Road.
  • Store all boats and oars after row as you found them, including boat covers and oar storage.