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Guest Rowers

Guest Rowers


A. Experienced guest rowers are welcome to row with RIRSC members.

B. Guests residing within the Greater Port Townsend area shall be limited to three (3) guest rows per calendar year. All other Guest rowers rowing more than 3 times per year shall be invited to make a financial donation to the Club.

C. No Club member shall take out Guest Rowers without knowing their skill level.

D. Guests rowing under the Guest Rowing Policy may not row without a Club member in the boat.

E. All guests must have signed the liability waivers for both RIRSC and U.S. Rowing before rowing RIRSC shells.

F. All Guest Rowers shall have a host member.

G. All Guest Rowers shall complete the information form indicating emergency contacts, rowing experience and skill level.

H. The board may make exceptions to Section V.B. on a case-by-case basis.

I.  To facilitate this policy, all potential Guest Rowers must contact a Guest Rower Liaison who will ensure that 1) the policy is communicated, 2) the guest is signed up on the daily spreadsheet, 3) a host is established, 4) waivers and emergency contact information are completed, 5) the Rowmaster is made aware of the guest and their skill level, and 6) that the Membership Chairperson is made aware of any potential new members.


All guest members must

  1. Complete an RIRSC Waiver Form
  2. PLUS a Guest Information Form
  3. Be accompanied by an RIRSC Member

Official Club Policy on Guest Rowers