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Members Meeting 12/15/15

Members Meeting 12/15/15

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club
Members’ Meeting
December 15, 2015

President Michele Olsen opened the meeting by thanking the many Club members who contributed hundreds of hours during the past year in various ways to keep the Club functioning, as follows:
* The Board of Directors: Sally Giesler, John Collins, Steve Jefferies, Nikki Russell, Cara Warren, Beth Johnson, Jim Buckley and Nancy Erreca; Giesler, Russell and Johnson will be leaving the Board.
* Rowmasters Ted Shoulberg and Marsha Wiener, for their daily work organizing crews.
* John Collins, for having taught an unprecedented 4 Learn-to-Row classes to scull as well as to sweep row.
* Sally Giesler, for having organized both the Rat Island Regatta and Wooden Boat Festival race.
* Survey Committee members Toni Davison (chair,) Kate Franco, Martha Pfanschmidt, Collins, Jeanne Costello and Mari Friend, for having drafted the membership survey.
* All of those who drove the launch during the year.
* Jim Costello, for having kept the cox boxes in working order as well as having performed repairs on other equipment, including the big trailer.
* Toni Davison and Warren, for their work as the Ambassadors integrating new members into the Club.
* Jim Mason and Steve Chapin, for their work on boat maintenance.
* Francine Rose, for her work on our website and Facebook page.
* Friend, for being in charge of signup sheets.
* Patricia Farmer, for spearheading La Broomba to keep the boathouse clean and tidy.
* Janet Palmer and Jefferies, for their work as Safety Officers.
* Kathleen Sailer, for having handled merchandise ordering and sales.
* Collins, Jefferies and Dennis Cartwright, for having been the Launch Liaison.
* Competition and Training Committee members Collins, Franco, Buckley, Shoulberg and Wiener, for having organized competition crews.
* Warren, for having been in charge of membership.
* Rose, Sailer and Peggy Myre, for having been in charge of the Oct fundraising efforts.
* Mike and Joy McFadden, for having allowed us to use their property as a base for rowing on Lake Leland.
* All of the Club members, for having been so supportive of Olsen during her tenure as President.
Warren then stepped forward to offer heartfelt thanks to Olsen for having served as President.

Collins reviewed the Club’s finances. Budgeted income for FY 2015-2016 was $21,473; actual income was $24,311. He noted that the Board had voted earlier in the year to authorize $3000 for purchase of a rowing shell, and since our finances are in good shape, he suggested that perhaps we would want to increase that amount. A special membership meeting would be needed to authorize such a purchase. Palmer suggested that we could authorize the purchase at last night’s meeting and moved that the Board be authorized to spend up to $6500 for the purchase of a rowing shell, the type(s) to be identified by rests of the members’ survey; Giesler seconded the motion. Discussion followed, with Shoulberg cautioned that thought must be given to such factors as possible repair issues, with Collins stating that other options besides a quad might need to be considered. Palmer and Giesler agreed to amend the motion to include the phrase “subject to Board input.” Motion carried.

Election of Board Members: Myre, Wiener and Roger McPherson constituted the nominating committee which presented a slate of Collins, Davison, Don Berger and Karen Michaud. All were elected.

Bent Skeg: Palmer presented the Bent Skeg award, which is given each year to the rower who is voted to have shown the greatest improvement in rowing skills during the preceding season. In addition to the winner, Liz Sabo, others nominated were Mary Fortman, Clara Mason, Pallas Burhen, Linda Ward, Sailer, Michaud, Deborah Shomer, Suzy Narbutovskih, David Harris, Rhayne Bates and Frank Ward.

In conclusion, Collins noted that when he, Mason, Buckley and Shoulberg started the RIRSC 11 years ago, he never envisioned that the Club would have grown to the extent that it has.

Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Wiener, acting Secretary

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