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Minutes 2/15/16

Minutes 2/15/16

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes February 15, 2016

Call to Order/Roll Call: President Toni Davison called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.
Board members present: Don Berger, Jim Buckley, John Collins, Nancy Erreca, Steve Jefferies, Karen Michaud, Michele Olsen
Board members absent: Cara Warren
Also present: Jim Mason, Mari Friend, Marsha Wiener

Approval of Agenda: Jim B. moved to approve the agenda after adding the budget presentation and sale of outboard engine. Steve seconded. Motion passed.

Approval of January Minutes: Jim B. moved to approve. Steve seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: John reported that we had budgeted expenses of $18,248 plus $3,000 for new shell and only spent $21,248 so were are about $900 under budget. We budgeted to take in $20,773 and have taken in $26,228 so we are in good shape. We received a $1,000 donation from Cindi James for future restoration. John reported we spent about $300 for work on the launches since the end of the season and he has renewed the trailer licenses for the year. The self insurance fund has $3,228.35 and the scholarship fund is at $558.

Budget: John presented his budget for next year and the board went over each line item. Steve moved to approve the budget after changing website expenses from $25 to $39. Michele seconded. Motion passed.

Donations Received: We received four pair of wooden Pocock oars from Betsy Davis. It was suggested we save them for special occasions but display one pair in the boat house. Michele moved to rename the Riverside Stan Pocock. John seconded. Motion passed. Toni will call the Riverside donor Ed Kirkpatrick to see how he feels about this. Note: After the board meeting Toni spoke with Ed and he prefers we leave the Riverside name as is so we will not change the name.

LTR Fee Increase and C&T Committee Update: The Competition and Training and LTR committees met and reviewed class fees. They recommend charging $200 this season which includes one classroom session, eight on the water sessions and one month of rowing after the class. That is in line with other clubs like Kitsap and Bainbridge. Michele moved to charge $200 for classes. Steve seconded. Motion passed.

Jim B. has prepared a list of events for our club to participate in this year. He reported that only four people trained and went to a race last season. There is a need for race training and ongoing training for novices. The survey showed overwhelming support for the Tuesday and Thursday competitive rows but clarification is needed for how to join those rows. The committee will meet to determine schedules that can accommodate general rowers, advanced rowers and those who want to race. It was suggested that we invite more rowers to be on the committee and Jim M., Kathleen Sailer, Jeanne Costello and Liz Sabo were named as possibilities. Toni will follow up.

Membership Dues: After a discussion Michele moved to keep dues the same as last year at $290 for early bird rate through April 5. Jim B. seconded. Motion passed. The rate schedule will be posted at the March member meeting.

Safety Committee: Janet Palmer, Patricia Farmer and Roger McPherson have been reviewing club policies and looking at safety training for launch drivers, safety equipment in the launch and boathouse and first aid and CPR classes. They will report again at the next meeting.

Safe Sport Policy: Steve and Mari continue to work on revising this Sound Rower Policy that we have adopted so it pertains to our particular club. They will give a brief update at the March member meeting.

RIRSC Race Schedule: Mari will put sign-ups for the list of races online to see if there is interest.

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets: The survey showed 59% of the club thought we should require volunteering. This club is run entirely by volunteers. There will be a sign-up sheet at the March member meeting and we will discuss all the volunteering opportunities.

Engine Sale: The Port Hadlock Yacht Club has made an offer to buy our old two stroke engine. John researched prices. Steve moved to charge $500. Karen seconded. Motion passed. John recused himself from the vote.

New Triple: Further discussion scheduled for the April board meeting.

Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising: Francine
Website: Francine
Google Groups: John
Competition and Training: Jim B., John, Kate, Ted and/or Marsha
Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M., Steve
Participation and Turnout: Mari, John
Launch: Steve, John
Learn To Row: Jim M., Jim B., Michele, Martha
Safety/Policy: Patricia Farmer, Roger McPherson, Janet Palmer
Merchandise: Kathleen
Membership: Cara
Scholarship: Beth, Johanna, Micaela
Finance: Members needed
Club Survey: John, Mari, Jeanne, Kate, Martha, Toni
Safe Sport: Mari, Steve

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Date of next meeting: Monday, March 22nd at NWMC for our annual Member Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Erreca, Secretary