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Membership Meeting Minutes 3/22/16

Membership Meeting Minutes 3/22/16

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Membership Meeting Minutes March 22, 2016

Call to Order/Roll Call: President Toni Davison called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.
Board members present: Don Berger, Jim Buckley, John Collins, Nancy Erreca, Steve Jefferies, Karen Michaud, Michele Olsen, Cara Warren
Board members absent:
Present: about 45 in all

Welcome: Toni welcomed everyone and thanked the launch drivers and volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report: John Collins reported that we had $1,125 profit from merchandise thanks to Kathleen Sailer. We took in $4,500 over our budget of which $2,100 was from membership and $2,000 was from classes. John taught for free. Our bylaws allow us to only spend what we budget. Budgeted expenses were $21,248 and we spent $21,010. The unbudgeted portion includes restoration which was all funded by donation. We have $2,463 in checking but we still owe about $1,800. We have $5,803 in savings. In addition we have $1,000 in restoration and $2,628 in the self insurance fund.

Budget: John presented his budget for our next fiscal year. This year we took in $17,975 for membership from70 members at an average of $260. John estimated 65 members at that price for this year’s budget of$16,900. We are only having two classes of eight this year for $3,200. Our total estimated revenue is $22,080. NWMC fees were 4% higher and the launch moorage will be more because we want two boats available for eight months. We budgeted $2,500 for oars and equipment and $1,500 for shell maintenance and repair. The launches are in good condition and operating expenses are budgeted at $2,041. There is $1,500 in the contingency fund. Jim Buckley moved to accept the budget. Kate Franco and Michele Olsen seconded. Motion passed.

Safe Sport Policy: Steve Jefferies explained that U.S. Rowing require us to participate in order to get insurance. He and Mari Friend have been reviewing the policy and adapting it to our club. There are many areas of misconduct listed such as bullying, harassment, derogatory comments, hazing, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, sexual misconduct including child sexual abuse. Background checks are required for teachers. We need to exercise caution when working with minors, work as a team and not transport youth unless a person of the same sex as minor is also along. There are sections on training and education, screening staff members and volunteers, athlete protection, managing training and competition, responding to abuses, misconduct and policy violations. There are mandatory reporting requirements. We will all need to review this policy online and certify that we have read it.

Safety Committee: Roger McPherson reported that he, Janet Palmer and Patricia Farmer have been reviewing club safety policies and looking at safety training for launch drivers, safety equipment in the launch and boathouse and first aid and CPR classes. They will report again at the next meeting.

Learn To Row Classes: There are still a few openings in the May and June classes. There is a mandatory orientation in April. Details are on the website. Michele has flyers to post.

WBF and Rat Island Regatta: Sally Giesler reported that the Regatta is June 25. She needs help organizing, making flyers, etc. She encourages new rowers and others to volunteer on the day of the race if they are not rowing. This will be the 40th year of the Wooden Boat Festival. The dates are September 9-11. Let Sally know if you have ideas on our participation.

Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising: Francine
Website: Francine
Google Groups: John
Competition and Training: Jim B., John, Kate, Ted and/or Marsha
Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M., Steve
Participation and Turnout: Mari, John
Launch: Steve, John
Learn To Row: Jim M., Jim B., Michele, Martha
Safety/Policy: Patricia Farmer, Roger McPherson, Janet Palmer
Merchandise: Kathleen
Membership: Cara
Scholarship: Beth, Johanna, Micaela
Finance: Members needed
Club Survey: John, Mari, Jeanne, Kate, Martha, Toni
Safe Sport: Mari, Steve

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Date of next meeting: Monday, April 11th at NWMC.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Erreca, Secretary