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Minutes 10/10/16

Minutes 10/10/16

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes October 10, 2016

Call to Order/Roll Call: Peggy Myre called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.
Board members present: Don Berger, Jim Buckley, John Collins, Nancy Erreca, Karen Michaud
Board members absent: Steve Jefferies, Michele Olsen, Cara Warren
Also present: Mari Friend

Approval of Agenda: John moved to approve the agenda after adding Sequim Bay Rowing. Jim B. seconded. Motion passed.

Approval of September Minutes: Jim B. moved to approve. Karen seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: John reported our revenue is $3,111.58 over budget. We paid $112 for mooring our two launches three nights during WBF. John suggested we consider increasing our self insurance or insure the Oct hull since it is so valuable. We have not used the $2,500 budgeted for oars and other equipment. Launch repair is under budget and maintenance is as budgeted. Trailer expenses are on target and we had no expenses for the Regatta. Our $1,500 contingency fund will be mostly used for the repair of Susan Rice’s wherry. Cash on hand is $26,285. John will get an estimate on converting the tiller launch to a wheel. Karen will check with Jim Mason to see if we can use some of the oar money.

Head of the Lake Race: John reported that we have two quads with women and two mixed. We now have a Group I which is age group 75-79. John would like us to consider the Regional Masters Regatta. In 2017, because our Rat island Regatta is earlier than in past years, we do not have a conflict with the Regional Masters which is normally held the last weekend in June. We can take a quad to Lake Leland to train for HOTL.

Save the Date for Winter Meeting: Peggy suggested four possible dates and Mari went to check if they were available. There was only one and that is December 13. Peggy will send out an email.

Board Vacancies: Peggy will appoint a nominating committee. The terms are up for Don, Michele, Steve, Jim B. and Nancy. The committee will ask Don and Cara if they want to serve another term. The others have completed their two consecutive terms and have to take a break.

Sequim Bay Rowing Club: Don thanked the club for the loan of the Juan de Fuca. They now have three boats, a storage rack and are getting a fourth boat. They had 15 LTR graduates and they all became members. They have two rows a day seven days a week. The club make up is 50/50 men and women. Their two training boats are coxed quads. The also have a three guest row policy so we can row with their club. Don described very smooth water that even when rough is better than here. It was suggested we take a boat there for a joint row.

Committee Reports:
Website: Peggy will ask Francine what our $39 fee is for. She reminded us that Francine had asked for a volunteer to help her archive items on the website.
Google Groups: John keeps this updated. There are about 100 on the list including 75 members.
Competition: We hope for more races next year.
Participation: Mari suggested moving the rows to 7:30. She will have all rows on the same spreadsheet next season. The launch will come out November 1.
Learn to Row: Of the fourteen students this year nine or ten have joined. We may have three sessions next year and keep Saturday as a make up day.
Merchandise: Kathleen had $2,352 in sales for a profit of about $1,100.
Membership: Membership is at our maximum of 75.
Scholarship: The board would like to see it advertised more next year.

Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising: Francine
Website: Francine
Google Groups: John
Competition and Training: Jim B., John, Kate, Ted
Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M., Steve
Participation and Turnout: Mari, John
Launch: Steve, John
Learn To Row: Jim M., Jim B., Michele, Martha
Safety/Policy: Patricia Farmer, Roger McPherson, Janet Palmer
Merchandise: Kathleen
Membership: Cara
Scholarship: Peggy J., Linda D.
Finance: Members needed
Safe Sport: Mari, Steve

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Date of next meeting: Monday, November 14th at NWMC.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Erreca, Secretary