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Minutes 10/12/15

Minutes 10/12/15

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes October 12, 2015


Call to order/roll Call: Vice President Cara Warren called the meeting to order at 3:40 pm at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Board members present: Jim Buckley, Sally Giesler, John Collins, Beth Johnson, Nikki Russell, Cara Warren.

Board members absent: Steve Jefferies, Michele Olsen, Nancy Erreca

Also present: Mari Friend, Jim Mason


Approval of agenda: John moved to approve the agenda and Jim B. seconded. Motion passed.


Approval of September Minutes: John moved to approve the Minutes as is. Jim B. seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report: John reported that our balance sheet shows The assets are 15% over last year. A couple notes brought up was the restoration project total revenue was $11,191.44. Expense for the Octuple was $14,235.52 with a difference of ($3,044.08). Approximately $4,300. of that was spent on oars. Merchandise Revenue was $2,169.96 and the expense was $1,251.86 with a profit of $918.10.

Jim M. will be spending about $200. For Wheels for the Lorna Smith seats and spacers and a pitch meter. Also an additional $200. Possible for a rudder on the Dose.


Damage to Private Boat by Launch: John had Robert Darcy of the Schooner Martha take a look at the boat in question. After he gave his account it was decided to go with the owners offer of 11 hours and a haul out. Estimated cost could be around $385. For repairs and about $200. for haul out. John has sent an email to the owner and is waiting her response.


Loaning of boat for Documentary: Steve Chapin has asked to borrow the trailer to take the Husky Challenger to Seattle Monday October 19th for a PBS documentary. He will be using John’s truck. It was decided no form would be necessary for him to use it. Insurance from the NWMC for the Husky Challenger is in place, John has Insurance for his truck.


HOTL: Jim Buckley said boats are assigned but the only one struggling to get the full crew committed and getting practice times is the eight. Sunday will e their first practice. The 2 Juniors could possibly have a chance to row with LWRC. They can only row with Juniors and cannot row with masters. Mari will call Marsha to see that we are getting signed up for the race. They are accepting less boats this year so we should not wait till the last minute.


Rebursement for Marine Weather Class: John, Steve J, and Patti H. took the class. Cost was $50. Each. John does not want the cost back but Motioned to reimburse Steve and Patti if they request it. Jim B. Seconded. Motion passed.


Safe Sport Policy: As club we have to come up with a Safe Sport policy. We have adopted the US Rowing’s Handbook at this time. John put together a draft for our club based on the US Rowing Internal Policy and participant Handbook focusing on Training and Education, Screening Staff Members and Volunteers, Athlete Protection Policy, Managing Training and Competition and Respond to Abuses, Misconduct, and Policy Violations. It was agreed we need to get a committee together to draft a Safety Sport Policy for the club. It will be tabled till the President back and can appoint a committee.


Club Survey: Committee members: John, Katie, Jeanne, Toni-Chairman, Mari, Martha, and Nikki. They have come up with Possible Survey Contents. After reviewing surveys from the past the committee brought a list of ideas for board to look over and comment or add to list.




Membership: Cara has been trying to get all the US Rowing Waivers signed. There was a glitch in the system but is now fixed. All rowers going to the HOTL have to have their form signed or will not be able to row.

Merchandise: Kathleen

Competition and Training: Jim Buckley, John Collins, Katie Franco, Ted and Marsh, Jim commented on HOTL and looking to next year to do some spring racing. Also doing more competition training during the Tues/Thurs rows and incorporating more rowers.

Maintenance and Equipment: Jim Mason, Steve Jefferies

Launch: John Collins,  The steering cable broke again in the launch. The other launch is in the water.

Safety: Steve Jefferies

Publicity: /Outreach/ Fundraising: Francine Rose

Participation and Turnout: Mari Friend, John Collins

Website: Francine Rose

Club Survey: John Collins

Safe Sport Policy: John Collins, Mari Friend, Nikki Russell, Lisa C. and Steve Jefferies.


Adjournment: No further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:37pm. Date of the next meeting Monday November 9th at the NWMC.


Respectfully submitted,

Sally Giesler, Board member substituting for Nancy Erreca, Secretary