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Minutes 10/9/17

Minutes 10/9/17

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2017

Call to Order/Roll Call: Peggy Myre called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Current board members present: John Collins, Karen Michaud, Kathleen Sailer, Kim Matthews, Dennis Cartwright and Frank Ward.

Absent board members were: Sally Giesler and Kristin Smith (resignation submitted 10/9/17)

Also present: Jim Mason, Mari Friend, Jeanne Costello and Ted Shoulberg.

Approval of Agenda: Karen moved to approve the agenda. Frank seconded. Motion passed.

Approval of September Minutes: Frank moved to approve. Kathleen seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report: John presented The RIRSC Statement of Activities and Financial Position documents and included in this month’s report was a column for proposed cuts, revised budget and $ left. Takeaway: if there are no large unexpected expenses, a balanced budget is predicted at year end.

Head of the Lake: 4 quads, a double and a single have been pre-entered; for those rowing in the event, Kathleen will keep members informed via email.

Hull Insurance: Frank and John are working on making the switch of insurers and are collecting serial and model numbers, as well as detailed descriptions of the items to be insured. This will be completed by the end of the year.

Back 40/Facilities and Maintenance: The Martin Kelly could be used as an ‘umbrella’ to cover ’36; Mari will talk to the Vancouver Juniors Rowing Club about taking the ’36. Once the ’36 is gone, a trip will be made to dispose of the Martin Kelly and additional items not being used on the property. The grounds are in need of regular maintenance and the truck needs to be cleaned out and organized. Dennis will head this committee and will be looking for assistance from club members. If interested in helping, please contact Dennis. Frank will be using some of the used wood from the back 40 to build a bookcase to house the videos John has purchased.

Port/NWMC Planning: Peggy thought the Board should be brought up to speed on what she knows about the Port and the NWMC. The Port has hired a consultant and John & Ted have been in attendance at some of the meetings. At this point in time, the Board discussed what role the RIRSC should take in these talks and potential negotiations. The Board welcomes any thoughts and opinions on this topic.

Winter Meeting/Nominating Committee: Reserve the date: December 12, 2017

Peggy will put together the nominating committee to select new Board members, and there are several openings to fill.

Safety Committee Report: Peggy stated safety needs to be a priority for 2018 and additional members will need to participate in this committee to complement Janet.

RIRSC Release Forms: Kim and Kathleen would like the forms to be posted as pdfs on the website and will work with Francine to accomplish.

Committee Updates:

Maintenance and Equipment – Only 3 of the 5 quads are rowable; boats are being worked on. One launch will be taken out the end of October and the other by the end of November.

Row Calendar – Sign up is available on November 3rd. Since 4 quads are going to HOTL, no rows will be scheduled for November 4th through the 6th.

Launch – Launch training, agenda item for November meeting.

Learn to Row – LTR, agenda item for November meeting.

Merchandise – Kathleen has a final order to place.

Membership – Kim asked if an additional category needed to be added for associate member end of season rate. It was determined to deal with this on a case by case basis.

Finance – John informed the Board that persons storing shells on the Back 40 must pay for this space. Form of payment can be made annually or on a monthly basis.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:55 P.M.

Date of next meeting: Monday, November 13th at 1 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Michaud, Secretary