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Minutes 1/11/16

Minutes 1/11/16

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2016

Call to Order/Roll Call: President Michele Olsen called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Board members present: Don Berger, Jim Buckley, John Collins, Toni Davison, Nancy Erreca, Steve Jefferies, Karen Michaud, Cara Warren

Board members absent:

Also present: Dennis and Lisa Cartwright, Kate Franco, Jim Mason, Martha Pfanschmidt, Kathleen Sailer, Ted Shoulberg, Marsha Wiener

Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved after adding Appointment of Row Masters.


Approval of December Minutes: John moved to approve. Cara seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: John reported that he estimated we still have $6,807 to spend this fiscal year which would put us $114 under budget. Our revenues are $2,192 over budget and assets are 13% higher than this time last year.

Board Positions 2016: Michele welcomed Toni Davison, Don Berger and Karen Michaud to the board. John moved to appoint Toni president. Michele seconded. Motion passed. Don will fill out the last year of a two year term and Karen and Toni will have full two year terms. John moved to add Toni as a signer on our checking account. Cara seconded. Motion passed. John and Michele will remain signers.

Club Survey: Toni thanked all who worked on the survey. John, Kate, Martha and Jeanne Costello were also on the committee. The survey will be used by the board to set priorities. There was a 56% response and the consensus was positive and people were happy with the club. There was lots of support to get another quad, have selective paid maintenance, keep row times at 7 and 8 during the week and 8 and 9 on the weekends. There was overwhelming support for the competitive rows but there were also comments that they lacked fairness, people didn’t know how to join them and they took two of the best rowing times. 70% wanted to keep competitive rows. There was also overwhelming support for having row masters but to rotate them. Toni suggested forming a committee to look at how to schedule rows, incorporate novices and how to continue their training, etc. It was suggested expanding the Competition and Training committee by opening the committee to all the members to work on these issues. Jim B. will send out an invitation to be on the committee and schedule their meetings.

Toni reported that it was rare that people felt unsafe but they wanted to know the rules, who was in charge, and needed more education and communication of polices. Ambassadors can help with this. There was strong support to require volunteering. Kate will send out monthly email reminders about volunteer opportunities. John passed out updated club Policies and Procedures. There was strong support for the club to stay the same size and for dues to stay the same but emphasize that people can contribute more and that amount would be tax deductible. Michele will ask Francine to revise the membership form adding a tax deductible donation section. John will send survey results to the members.

Change Board Meetings to Tuesdays: It was decided to keep meetings on the second Monday of the month.

LTR – Who/When/How Many Classes: John will not be able to teach this year so Jim M. and Jim B. will teach. Kate and Michele will do the administrative tasks and find coxswains and strokes for classes. There are 25 people from last year who are interested. A LTR committee of Jim M., Jim B, John and Michele will decide in April how many classes to have.

Lake Leland Safety Proposal: Kathleen presented her updated proposal. The board decided to send a Certificate of Insurance to the McFaddens. After more discussion of a few changes John moved to approve as amended. Michele seconded. Motion passed.

Lake Leland Double – Move to Boathouse for Summer: After a discussion of pros and cons it was decided to leave the double at the lake.

New Triple: After a short discussion it was decided to table the decision if it should be a club boat or remain a private boat.

Donations: Cindi Jones will be donating $1,000 to our club in memory of her grandmother Kathleen Pocock. Michele moved that once we receive the money we will rename the Riverside after Stan Pocock. Cara seconded. Motion passed. Jim B. said the Ancient Mariners donated $300.

Appointment of Row Masters: Steve moved to appoint Ted and Marsha as row masters for 2016 and to have row masters in training. Karen seconded. Motion passed.


Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising: Francine

Website: Francine

Google Groups: John

Competition and Training: Jim B., John, Kate, Ted and/or Marsha

Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M., Steve

Participation and Turnout: Mari, John

Launch: Steve, John

Learn To Row: Jim M., Jim B., Kate, Michele, Martha

Safety/Policy: open

Merchandise: Kathleen

Membership: Cara

Scholarship: Beth, Johanna, Micaela

Finance: Members  needed

Club Survey: John, Mari, Jeanne, Kate, Martha, Toni

Safe Sport: John, Mari, Nikki, Lisa, Steve

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Date of next meeting: Monday, February 15th at NWMC.

Note: This is the third Monday of the month for this month only.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Erreca, Secretary