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Minutes 11/13/17

Minutes 11/13/17

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2017

Call to Order/Roll Call: Peggy Myre called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.
Current board members present: John Collins, Karen Michaud, Kathleen Sailer, and Dennis Cartwright.
Absent board members were: Sally Giesler, Frank Ward, Kim Matthews, and Kristin Smith
Also present: Jim Buckley, Mari Friend, Linda Ward, Patricia Farmer, Steve Chapin and Ted Shoulberg.

Approval of Agenda: John requested a change to the bylaws be added to the agenda. Karen moved to approve the agenda. John seconded. Motion passed.

Approval of October Minutes: John moved to approve. Kathleen seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: John presented The RIRSC Statement of Activities and Financial Position documents and stated we are on target to meet the revised budget.

Future of the Juan de Fuca: Don Berger was unable to attend. The Board supports his use of the shell and will extend the loan until such time RIRSC may need the boat to support our endeavors. Peggy will email Don with this information.

Fundraiser: Diane has asked us to join the Nails in a fundraiser to support Steve in his effort to store and preserve Pocock materials and equipment. A lengthy discussion was held by board members and guests. In order to support the Pocock legacy, a proposal was made to set up an online account to raise funds to support the purchase of two containers to store the Pocock equipment; details will be finalized at a future time.

Winter Meeting: Peggy has appointed the nominating committee (Michele Olsen, Linda Ward & Micaela Colley) to seek members to serve on the board for 2018. Voting will occur at the potluck to be held on December 12th at the Northwest Maritime Center. Setup for the event will begin at 5pm and members are encouraged to bring a dish to share, beverage of choice as well as table setting. In addition to the election of new board members, the Bent Skeg award will be given and a presentation will be made by the Bled attendees.

Waiver/Confidentiality Forms: Karen updated the Board’s Conflict of Interest Form to include a date and printed signature line. John moved to adopt the changes. Dennis seconded. Kathleen reworked the RIRSC Waiver Forms consolidating language to encompass RIRSC members and guest rowers. A new 2-page form was presented and with minimal language changes made by the Board, this new form will be used going forward.

Port/NWMC Follow-up: An involved discussion was held surrounding the club’s role in the potential changes being suggested to Port Hudson and our community. Many opinions were shared. Takeaway: If this issue is important to you as a resident of Port Townsend, then pursue your interests and get involved.

Back 40/Facilities and Maintenance Update: Dennis stated a run to the dump was made by Janet to assist in cleaning up the area. The truck still needs to be cleaned out, but will have to wait until all individuals are available to do so.

Change in Bylaws: Our current bylaws state, with reference to the number of Board members, “to a maximum of 9 members.” No minimum was stated. Dennis made a motion to add language stating that “a minimum of 5 members” be included in the bylaws. John seconded. This item will be revisited at the January Board meeting to make the change in the bylaws.

Committee Updates:
Launch – Kristin has been bailing to keep them afloat. The boats will come out when the weather makes it permissible to do so.

Learn to Row – Good retention this year; 5 of the 7 joined. The LTR Committee will meet in the Spring to increase our membership numbers for 2018. Mari has expressed interest in joining this committee.

Membership – With Kim’s departure, a new membership chair will be needed.

Safety/Policy – New members are needed; Janet is the sole member.

Coaching: Committee will meet Friday to discuss 2018

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:50 P.M.

Date of next meeting: Monday, January 8, 2018, time to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Michaud, Secretary