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Minutes 1/16/17

Minutes 1/16/17

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes January 16, 2017
Call to Order/Roll Call: Peggy Myre called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Current board members present: Dennis Cartwright, John Collins, Sally Giesler, Kim Matthews, Karen Michaud, Kathleen Sailer, Kristin Smith, Frank Ward

Former Board members present: Jim Buckley, John Collins, Nancy Erreca, Steve Jefferies, Karen Michaud, Michele Olsen, Cara Warren

Former board members absent: Don Berger

Also present: Steve Chapin, Mari Friend, Jim Mason, Ted Shoulberg
Approval of Agenda: John moved to approve the agenda. Dennis seconded. Motion passed.


Approval of November and December Minutes: Kristin moved to approve. Sally seconded. Motion passed.
Election of Board Officers: Peggy went over the duties of the officers. The three remaining board members are John, Karen and Peggy. The six new board members are Dennis, Sally, Kim, Kathleen, Kristin and Frank. Peggy said she would stay on as president. John nominated her for President. Karen seconded. Sally volunteered to be Vice President. John seconded. Kathleen nominated Karen for secretary. Kristin seconded. John volunteered to stay on as treasurer. Karen seconded. John moved that all officers be signers on our bank account and Frank will be treasurer in training. All motions/volunteer nominations passed.
Board Meeting Time Change: A proposal was made to move the board meeting to 1 P.M. on the 2nd Monday of the month; Sally will inquire about the availability of the room.
Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal year runs from April 1st through March 31st; John presented Statement of Activities. John discussed where the monies would need to come from to fix the Riverside. A motion was made by Sally to rename the Riverside to the Stan Pocock next year with rebudgeting and John seconded; motion passed. Our contract with NWMC increased 33% over last year. Peggy and John will reconnect with NWMC to look at our contract and negotiate the best arrangement for the coming year. A motion was made to sign the agreement and all board members approved. Self insurance was discussed and it was determined that a finance committee should be established to address self insurance and other financial items; John made the motion and Frank seconded. Motion passed. Peggy appointed John, Frank, Peggy and Michelle to represent the Finance Committee.
Role Transition: Membership from Cara to Kim. Steve has agreed to continue performing the paper background checks. Mari will participate as our liaison with US Rowing. Frank will be our insurance liaison, as well as being a trainee for treasurer. Safe sport conversation will be added to the February agenda. Wooden boat maintenance will remain with Jim Mason. Other boat maintenance issues were tabled as Sally will get with Jim to develop a plan for boat and launch maintenance and Dennis and Kristin will be involved.
Winter Rowing Policy: Peggy will email to membership a link to the Lake Leland rowing policy and develop a separate waiver form that can be signed and mailed to the PO Box for those individuals who want to row at the lake.
Prep for March Meeting: John and Sally will develop a maintenance budget; Dennis to assist. March 14th is the tentative date for the membership potluck at 5 P.M. Logistics for the meeting will be discussed at the February meeting.
Committee Structure: Update
Website: Francine
Google Groups: John
RAT: John, Kate, Ted, Jim B
Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M, Sally, Kristin, Dennis, Kim
Row Calendar Committee: (previously Participation & Turnout) Mari, John, Peggy, Ted, Kathleen
Launch: Steve, John, Dennis, Frank
Learn to Row: Kathleen, Jim B, Michele, Martha
Safety/Policy: Patricia, Roger, Janet, Kristin
Merchandise: Kathleen, Karen
Membership: Kim
Scholarship: Peggy J. , Linda D., Michele
Finance: John, Frank, Peggy, Michele
Coaching committee: Kathleen, Toni, Peggy, Martha

John would like to add to the February agenda a discussion to adopt an oar color/design to be recognizable on the water.
Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 P.M.
Date of next meeting:  Monday, February 13th at 1 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,

Karen Michaud, Secretary