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Minutes 7/11/16

Minutes 7/11/16

Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Board Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2016

Call to Order/Roll Call: Cara Warren called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. at the Northwest Maritime Center.
Board members present: Don Berger, Jim Buckley, John Collins, Nancy Erreca, Steve Jefferies, Karen Michaud, Peggy Myre
Board members absent: Michele Olsen
Also present: Jen Bates, Jim Mason, Ted Shoulberg

Approval of Agenda: The agenda was not approved as there were so many additional items added to it.

Approval of June Minutes: Peggy moved to approve. Karen seconded. Motion passed.

As a guest was in attendance, Jen Bates, Rhayne’s mom, we agreed to discuss this issue first. It had to do with minors and if we needed an additional form for the parents to sign. The issue surrounds them rowing in their own double. Since it is a private boat, there is no need for the RIRSC launch to monitor their travels, except should some emergency transpire and help is needed and therefore no need for any additional form. Rhayne’s Mother came to tell us her plan to monitor the girls in the future and be sure they are better prepared once on the water in their double.

Treasurer’s Report: John reported we have a profit of $725.63 for merchandise and complemented Kathleen Sailer’s hard work. Launch repair and maintenance is 23% over budget however we are underspending on other launch items so we should be ok. We are $268 over in shell maintenance. Member dues are $1,200 ahead of budget but less than the same time last year. We did not purchase the two wooden boats approved last meeting because they were not as advertised. John thanked Karen for helping while he was on vacation.

Electing a President: Steve moved to upgrade Peggy to president. Jim B. seconded. Motion passed.

Safe Sport: Steve reported that he added a purpose section and changed the ombudsman duties to be handled by our safety committee. Jim B. had several questions on liability and insurance that Steve will answer for the next meeting. Board members are asked to read the policy so it can be approved next month.

Revisit Wooden Triple: Jim M. said the free triple he has been storing only needs some sanding and varnishing. The white wherry will be moved (due to the new triple), but remain in the boat house. The storage cost for the wherry is $33 a month. The triple sis best rowed with experienced rowers under 150 lbs. Jim B. moved the club accept this boat. Don seconded. Motion passed.

Revisit Guest Row Policy: Tabled for the next meeting.

Juan de Fuca: Don asked if we would loan the Juan de Fuca to the Port Angeles Rowing Club which rows on Sequim Bay. They would first need to buy oars and write of a Memorandum of Understanding. Jim B. moved to loan the Juan de Fuca until April which is the start of our next season. Steve seconded. Motion passed.

Scholarship: Toni Davison gave Peggy a draft list of criteria for scholarships. Peggy will send out the list for the board to review for the next meeting and find out if any scholarships have been given.

Float Test Form: We now have a waiver rowers can sign if their float test is lost. Cara will send Ted the names of rowers who do not have a test on file and have not signed the waiver. The board approved her sending a final notice email these people. Rowers cannot row without a test or waiver.

Visiting Coaching Program: Peggy would like to organize coaches to come on weekends. Jane has volunteered to look at videos of our rowing. We also have club members who are good coaches. We can also have intermediate and advanced sessions during the summer. Peggy will draft a proposal for next month.

American Experience: Ted would like to order the DVD for American Experience: The Boys of ’36 and partner with the NWMC for a free showing. Ted would like to have a short program and the proposed date is July 29 at 7 pm. Cara moved Ted submit the application for the DVD. Jim B. seconded. Motion passed.

Boats at Lake Leland: Tabled for the next meeting.

Publicity/Outreach/Fundraising: Francine
Website: Francine
Google Groups: John
Competition and Training: Jim B., John, Kate, Ted and/or Marsha
Maintenance and Equipment: Jim M., Steve
Participation and Turnout: Mari, John
Launch: Steve, John
Learn To Row: Jim M., Jim B., Michele, Martha
Safety/Policy: Patricia Farmer, Roger McPherson, Janet Palmer
Merchandise: Kathleen
Membership: Cara
Scholarship: Peggy J., Linda D.
Finance: Members needed
Club Survey: John, Mari, Jeanne, Kate, Martha, Toni
Safe Sport: Mari, Steve

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m. after a short executive session.

Date of next meeting: Monday, August 8th at NWMC. We will in the AV room because there are summer classes in our regular room.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Erreca, Secretary