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Minutes 8/15/16

Minutes 8/15/16

August 15, 2016 the RIRSC Board met at the NWMC at 10:00 A.M.

Quorum included: Peggy, Jim B, Steve, John, Michele and Karen; guests included: Jim M, Sally, Sara and Mari.

Motion to approve the agenda was made by Jim B and a second by Michele; no additional items were added.
Motion to approve July minutes was made by Jim B and a second by Michele.

Treasurer’s report was distributed by John and “Notes” were discussed. Michele noted that our liability insurance may increase as we have over 70 members. She will obtain the information and present at the next board meeting.

Sally reported on the Wooden Boat festival. She requested the possible need for assistance and Steve offered to help her. There are still available slots to fill on Google sheets and said she would continue to pursue club members to assist. There was talk about inviting other clubs, like those from Everett, WA and Seattle. Discussion also surrounded what boats should be brought out for the row and should we resurrect the “Small Wonder.” No firm decisions were made regarding what wooden boats would be used for the festival.

Prior to the meeting, Peggy sent an email proposing a coaching program. Kathleen and Toni have agreed to assist in putting together coaches, experienced cox persons, and strokes to provide coaching and the Board discussed and agreed that Saturdays would be the best day to hold these sessions. Steve suggested that it might be helpful to provide lesson plans or modules for coaching to offer consistent training; thus, from year to year the group would have a template to follow. Other items surrounding coaching were brought up: Mari to give a coxing class, a lesson on the wherries, how to get back in a boat, etc.

Safe Sport was presented for final review and approval.There was some discussion and minor changes need to be made. Peggy made a motion for the Board to approve the document after the corrections have been made and John seconded. Motion approved by majority.

The Guest Rower Policy needs further review. Michele and Mari offered to be the guest rower liaison and take up the policy at the next meeting.

In the meantime, the Board granted both Jane Richie and Elizabeth Dawson membership privileges through the end of the season. Jane’s membership is contingent upon her joining the Volunteer coaching group and Eliza’s membership is based on her sharing rowing techniques with fellow rowers.

Launch driver training continues. Those recently approved are: Kristin Smith as of July 28th, Mike Smith as of July 22nd, Linda Ward is provisional as she still requires training in the tiller launch-but was trained as of June 4th, and others are in various stages of the training process.

The Board agreed that we need to continue to look into the purchase of a boat and a multipronged approach may assist us in finding the right opportunity. It was decided to ask Francine, and possibly Jane, if they were interested in helping the Equipment Committee to address the issue of having appropriate equipment for smaller rowers. Jim M agreed to review and this will be added to the next meetings’ agenda.

Peggy reported that the Scholarship Committee has approved an application for an end-of-season membership. Peggy let the rower know she had to fill in the Membership documents available on the website, and to contact Cara with questions.
Motion to adjourn by Michele; Steve seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Michaud