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Spring Member Meeting

Spring Member Meeting

By Patti Hoyeki

Tuesday March 22 the afternoon was swept up the stairs with festive airs as boaters migrated laden with tasty treats to share. The shuffling of tables, chairs transitions to toasts and cheers when our newest fearless leader Toni Davidson gently wove our discussions into the more business part of the spring membership meeting. Volunteerism remains our biggest club strength and heart of our spirit. Significant energies have continued throughout the winter months as individuals and committees prepare for the spring migration that fills our boats to dance among the waves.
About 100 ears were tightly attuned to every detail and line item John Collins unveiled to define our recent financial past and current budget estimates. Cheers and toasts punctuated well deserved contributions that made our bottom line black including Kathleen’s merchandise endeavors and Johns reinvestment of teaching funds into the clubs resource reserves. The budget was approved unanimously.
Steve Jeffries shared the years progress towards revision of US Rowers Safeboating policy which he and Mari Friends are shortening and modifying to reflect our own unique location and club character. Never fear, you/we will each have a chance to reflect the policy in process and once finalized by the board for club guidance.
Roger forewarned he, Sally and Janet have been revising our basic safety policies for distribution once the board ratifies and all should read before going on the water.
Again quietly effective Cara gathered emergency contact forms, dues and membership data updates.

Amid the cheers, laughter, playful taunts of competition a delicious dinner, assorted deserts were enthusiastically consumed befor the rats scurried about to put the place aright at the end of the evening.
True to form the next morning early found numerous volunteers hard at work in the boathouse: sanding, cleaning, sorting PFDs, erging… ad the stroke goes on.

Minutes from the meeting here (password protected)

Photos by Karen Michaud