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Competitive (Tuesday/Thursday) Rows – Guidelines

Competitive (Tuesday/Thursday) Rows – Guidelines

The RIRSC strives to create a balance between inclusiveness and competitiveness. In order for the club to meet the significant demand to provide members an opportunity for competitive and challenging rows in a safe environment, those who meet the following criteria are invited to participate in the opportunity for challenging rows on Tues/Thurs mornings :

– The stamina, endurance and readiness to row around the buoy and back to the trailers by the mill (similar to the HOTL race course) without stopping

– A goal of being able to erg 2000 meters with a split time of 2:25 or lower – A strong desire to go to out of town races

– A serious attitude towards improving your own ability and fitness

– A strong spirit of competitiveness

– A commitment to improving and maintaining your!overall physical fitness

-Availability and commitment to row most Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

For purposes of training and competition, the Row Master, in consultation with the Competition and Training Chair, will arrange boats by levels based on overall ability and strength.!

If you are interested in racing and competition and committed to the above, please contact either Katie Franco, Marsha Wiener, Ted Shoulberg, Jim Buckley, or John Collins (emails are under Club Roster Page) If you are interested, but can only substitute because of your schedule, please note that in your response.!!

So that all members have the opportunity for an open row on Tuesdays and Thursdays, open rows are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Additionally, the wherries are always available and do not require a safety launch.

(revised 4/16)

(photo credit Michael Lampi, Sound Rowers)